Counseling Services

Individual, telehealth counseling for ages 18+ in Texas. 

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Unresolved trauma can be a heavy weight to carry. During CPT, you will explore your beliefs about the event(s), how  trauma has impacted your thoughts about yourself, others and the world and any difficulties related to safety, trust, power / control, intimacy, and esteem.

  • Trauma-focused treatment

  • Veterans, first responders, helping professionals, and civilians

  • Combat trauma, MST, domestic violence, adult survivors of childhood abuse, vicarious trauma, work-related incidents, and more...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Cognitive Model is based on the idea that how we think influences how we feel and what we do in any given situation. People often come to therapy when they feel stuck in one or more areas of their lives. CBT provides a framework for examining these patterns and finding ways to move forward.

  • Present-focused treatment

  • Exploring thoughts, feelings and reactions to routine stressors and symptoms.

  • Addressing unhelpful patterns

  • Depression, anxiety, anger management, addiction recovery, coping with life stressors and transitions.

Supportive Counseling

There is no one-sized fits all appraoch to counseling. The basis for any therapy is an empathetic, safe, and non-judgemental space where the client can share openly. Supportive counseling can pull from a number of evidenced-based approaches to meet the needs of the individual client.

  • Person-centered techniques

  • Mindfulness skills

  • Emotion regulation strategies

  • Coping skills training

  • Safety planning for crisis prevention

  • Relapse prevention planning to promote sobriety